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  Connoisseur Models produce a range of model railway locomotive, wagon and carriage construction kits. Providing etched sheet metal and cast parts for the craftsman model maker to assemble into a finished model at their home workbench using a reasonably comprehensive toolkit of hand tools and soldered assembly. These products are commonly referred to as etched brass kits.

  The models are of British Prototypes designed for 0 gauge at a scale of 7mm to the foot, 1/43 scale.

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- New Projects & Recent Development Work -
- LNER Class F7, 2-4-2 Branch Line Passenger Tank -
  My latest kit of this distinctive little loco. Built by the Great Eastern Railway and quickley dubbed 'Crystal Palace Tanks' or 'Tomato Houses' by loco crews because of their large comfortable modern cabs.
Kit Now Available.   More Information
- LNER Bulk Grain Hopper Wagon -
  A sophisticated kit of these large wooden bodied enclosed hopper wagons designed to capture the essence of the prototype but with ease of construction in mind.
Kit Now Available.   More Information
- Diamond Frame Freight Wagon Bogies -
  Typical type of bogie used on freight wagons. Designed for 3'1" standard wagon wheels. Cast whitemetal parts to build two bogies including mounting and swivel fittings.  More Information
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