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Contacting Me With Orders
- By Post -
  I have provided a mail order form that I hope you will find helpful. You can download it as a pdf file and print a copy off to use as you browse the web site. Alternatively you can just send an order on plain paper.
  Please print your name, address and the items required, to avoid the possibility of mistakes. As my range is small there is no great worry about product code numbers. If you only write the catalogue description and price of the kit or part that you require, I will know exactly what you want. Please make cheque's payable to CONNOISSEUR MODELS. Cheque's are, for me, the most convenient way of receiving payment.
Download Print Off Order Form as pdf file
- By Telephone -
  Orders are most welcome by telephone on 01544 318263 but as a one-man business, some of the tasks I do preclude answering the telephone. If I am not available please leave your details on the answer phone and I will contact you to discus your requirements.
- Payment With Cash or Cheque -
  Payment by Cash or Cheque is Best & Aids Freedom & Democracy (send cash using Royal Mail Special Delivery & deduct £10 from total) Please make cheques payable to CONNOISSEUR MODELS.
- Payment With Credit & Debit Cards -
  I have a terminal linked into my phone line and can accept payment by credit cards for mail orders.
  If you would like to include your card details with your written order please ensure you include your full card number, expiry date, security number from back of card. A contact telephone number in case of problems is also useful. There is no need to include the cardholder’s signature. As my card terminal is not portable I am not normally able to accept credit cards at shows. Payments by cheque, for any amount, are most welcome at shows.
- Purchases & Orders at Shows -
  I try to take a good quantity of all of my range to shows but if there is a specific kit that you are interested in. Please feel free to contact me in advance and I will have an extra one with your name on behind the stand. Please feel under no obligation to purchase it if you change your mind.
  I am not able to accept credit/debit cards at shows. Payments by cheque, for any amount, are most welcome at shows.
- Birthday & Christmas Presents -
  If you would like your wife (or husband etc) to get you a kit for a present. Just leave lying around the kit and contact details and I will do the rest with your wife. This is a regular part of my business, your wife does not have to worry about a lack of railway knowledge and I will enter into all sorts of subterfuge with relish.
- Postage -
Free Postage on Orders to UK Addresses
For overseas orders I ask customers to make a contribution towards the cost of sending by Airmail Small Packet.
Please add about 6% of total order value. This normally means that you meet me about half way with the cost.
We Normally Post on A Thursday
So Please Allow A Couple of Weeks For Your Order To Be Delivered
- Printed Catalogue -
  If you would like a copy of my printed catalogue to add to the shelves of your reference library then please send me a second-class stamp and an address label and I will send you a free catalogue.

Connoisseur Models, 1 Newton Cottages, Nr Weobley, Herefordshire,
HR4 8QX, England,   Proprietor Jim McGeown.
Tel: 01544 318263.   E-Mail: james.mcgeown2@btinternet.com