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Contacting Me With Enquires
- By Letter -
  This is a very convenient method of contacting me as I normally open the post as one of the first jobs of the day. If it can be dealt with quickly I generally do it straight away. If not I tend to deal with letters when I have my office work and administration day once a week.
  Don’t worry about doing formal letters to me just put down your questions on a large piece of paper with gaps between so I can write in the answers and make sure that your address is clear.
  I hope that you don’t find this a rude or blunt way of working but I find that most enquires are for extra information or contacts and these can be most efficiently answered by a few lines and some photocopies from information that I have in my reference library.
- By Telephone -
  You are most welcome to try and call me on 01544 318263 but please be aware that some of the tasks I do such as juggling a ladle full of molten metal when casting or driving the van when out collecting materials preclude answering the telephone. If I am not available please leave your details on the answer phone and I will contact you to discus your requirements.
  If you telephone requiring help with building a kit I will try to spend as much time as required to sort out your problem and there is no such thing as a daft question that you need to be reluctant about asking. Most questions have been asked before and most silly mistakes made in construction have also been made by myself and I know from experience how to correct them.
- At Shows -


  I attend a number of exhibitions and shows with my sales stand. These are an excellent opportunity to meet face to face and deal with enquires and sort out problems.
  I have on display completed models of many of the kits from my range and a good look at one of these can be useful to clear up any slight doubts about a construction process or positioning of a component.
  It is quiet common for customers to bring along a part built model for help and advice and its not unknown for a customer to produce a coach side from one pocket and a length of pipe and pair of pliers from the other and ask to be shown how to form the curves and bends.
  In reality most of the things customers require help with are not because of any fundamental design fault with the kits but that they are unsure about how to tackle a new technique or unfamiliar operation. I find that a friendly chat about the project can renew inspiration and confidence.
  Some shows can be quiet hectic and the quieter periods in the middle of the afternoon can be best for enquires but if when you visit the stand it appears crowded don't be put off for fear of interrupting important business.
  The chances are that it is only a four or five way conversation going on between regular customers. Just elbow your way through and join in because 0 gauge modellers are a friendly group.
- E-Mail -
  E-mail is now proving a useful tool: james.mcgeown2@btinternet.com but please allow me a couple of days to respond.
Connoisseur Models, 1 Newton Cottages, Nr Weobley, Herefordshire, England, HR4 8QX.   Proprietor Jim McGeown.
Tel 01544 318263.   E-mail: james.mcgeown2@btinternet.com

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