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LNER Class F5/F6 Hybrid
Conversion Components

  This sheet of etchings designed by my good friend Robin Arkinstall from Two Doors Down enables conversion of a Connoisseur F5 O Gauge kit to the LNER F6 hybrids numbers 7789 and 7790. These were F5’s but were built with F6 windowed cabs. They were reclassified as F5’s under the LNER in 1948 and numbered 67218 and 67219.

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Prototype Information
  They ran all over the East Anglian system being shedded at Stratford, Colchester, Parkeston, Lowestoft and Yarmouth. 67218 was fitted for push-pull working and ran on the Epping to Ongar line.
  These alternative components are designed to be direct substitutions for those in the original Connoisseur F5 kit. All slots and tabs will correspond and parts should be fitted with reference to the instructions from the F5 kit.
Reference Code
CC - F5/F6
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  Downloading the instruction booklet will allow you to evaluate the Conversion Components and how they are incorporated into a Connoisseur F5 kit. This will help you to determine their suitability for yourself and your project.