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LMS No. 1550 / BR B.E.L. No. 1
Battery Electric Locomotive
  This is an etched brass construction kit based on the battery electric locomotive that worked the Midland’s coal depot near West India Dock in Poplar, East London from 1913 to 1964. There was no rail access to the depot the only means of access was by a hydraulic wagon hoist hence the size, height and weight of the loco which had to use the hoist for maintenance or overhauls. A number of similar locos were produced to suite industrial locations.
  The kit is designed to use a set of standard 8 spoke wagon wheels and a small motor and 1/8th axle gearset (Tenshodo 9:16 motor and Romford 40:1 gearbox or similar).
Prototype photographs can be viewed on the RCTS Photographic Archive and Transport Library websites.
  Information about type and size for motorising is deliberately a little vague as this is an ideal project to use up motors and wheel sets that you may find in your useful bits box, particularly if you were once a 00 gauge modeller. So see what you have already got before buying new but if you have nothing suitable. See instructions for comprehensive recommendations of options and sources.
  This kit was developed by my good friend Robin Arkinstall from two doors down. I am very pleased to put this kit into production.
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Kit Price £120.00
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- Additional Components Required to Complete -
- Motor and Gear Set -
Tenshodo 9:16 motor and Romford 40:1 gearbox or similar. As this kit lends itself to a wide range of motorising options I find it best to direct customers to Branchlines, P.O. Box 4203, Westbury, BA13 9AA,
Tel 01373822231. They are experts in 1/8” axle motorisation
(00 gauge motor technology) So I do not stock Motor/Gears for this kit.

- Wheels -
1 Pack (2 X axles) 8 Plain spoke Wagon wheels
(Slater's Catalogue Number 7121)
Slater’s Plastikard, Old Road, Darley Dale, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 2ER, Telephone 01629 734053, Fax 01629 732235.

- Download BEL No1 Instructions as PDF Print Off -
  Downloading the instruction booklet will allow you to evaluate the kit and its construction and help you to determine its suitability for yourself and your project.
Download BEL No1 Assembly Instruction Booklet