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LNER Class B12/3, 4-6-0 Passenger Loco
  PROTOTYPE. The Great Eastern Railway built 70 of these locomotives for    express work. 54 of the class were rebuilt from 1932 onwards by Edward Thompson with larger boilers and redesigned front ends. The kit represents the prototype in this form.
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  The class continued to be used on express passenger work all over East Anglia as well as on parcels and excursion trains. During the Second World War a number of the class were used on ambulance trains. These workings took them over other companies lines, even the Great Western! The last member of the class was withdrawn in 1961.

  KIT. This is the most complicated and ambitious kit that I have produced. Because of the size and design of the prototype it is not a quick kit to build, but I have tried to design the parts and their construction to aid the builder.

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  The bodywork of the locomotive and tender is of etched brass and nickel silver. The chassis is nickel silver. Slidebars and valve gear are represented between the frames. The cab interior is nicely detailed. Castings are used for the flared tender top. The instructions are very comprehensive.
Kit Reference Code
CL - B12
Kit Price £510.00
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- Additional Components Required to Complete -
- Motor and Gear Set -
I recommend my own 1833 motor and 40/1 gear set.
More Information About Motors
- Wheels -
3 Sets 6'6", 20 spoke driving wheels (Slater's Catalogue Number 7878GE),
2 Sets 3'3", 10 spoke bogie wheels (Slater's Catalogue Number 7839),
3 Sets 4', 10 spoke tender wheels (Slater's Catalogue Number 7848GE).
Slater’s Plastikard, Old Road, Darley Dale, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 2ER, Telephone 01629 734053, Fax 01629 732235.
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- Optional Plunger Electrical Pickups -
If these are desired as an alternative to the wire wiper pickups that are included in the kit. I would recommend the type produced by Slater's and provision is made in the kit chassis for fitting these (Slater's Cat No 7157).
More Information About Pickup Systems
Approximate Cost of Completing The Model
Kit - £510 + Motor/Gears - £45 + Slaters Wheels - £184 = £739
- Download LNER B12 Instructions as PDF Print Off -
  Downloading the instruction booklets will allow you to evaluate the kit and its construction and help you to determine its suitability for yourself and your project. The booklets are made up of three parts :-
  The booklet is designed to print as seperate consecutive pages printed on each side of an A4 sheet of paper (set printer for portrait). Staple the A4 sheets down left hand side to form a booklet.
Download Tender Assembly Instruction Booklet
  The booklet is designed to print as two A5 pages printed on each side of an A4 sheet of paper (set printer for landscape). Staple the A4 sheets in the centre and fold to form an A5 booklet.
  Print each A4 page individually (set your printer for current page only). Then print the first pdf page containing booklet pages 1 (front cover) & 20 on an A4 sheet of paper. Turn the printed paper over and print the second pdf page containing booklet pages 2 & 19 on the other side. Then on another sheet of paper print the third pdf page containing booklet pages 3 & 18 and so on until you reach the booklet centre pages 10 & 11.
Download Colour Photo Livery Sheets
  Two A4 sheets of model finished in LNER & BR lined livery. I suggest printing as single side individual full colour sheets.