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LMS Milk Van For Milk Churn Traffic
Midland Railway Diagram 416

  PROTOTYPE. These vans were built by the Midland Railway in the 1880's and remained in service until 1939. All the railway companies built and used louvre sided vans to a similar design.

  One or more of these vans would be attached to the rear of the morning branch line train. As the train progressed up the branch stopping at the village stations it would be loaded at the platform with milk churns. These had been brought to the station by local farmers after the morning milking.
  On reaching the junction the van would be attached to the milk train making its way up the main line towards the big dairy's in the major towns.
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  The vans loaded with the cleaned and empty churns would then work back on evening trains dropping of the churns ready for use at the next days milking.

  KIT. The main components are etched in brass, with cast white metal axle guards etc. A pre-rolled brass roof is provided. Etched door and grab handles are included. As is straight brass wire and rod for handrails etc..

Kit Reference Code
PMK - 18
Kit Price £80.00
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- Additional Components Required to Complete -
- Wheels -
1 Pack (2 X axles) 3'7", Mansell Disc Coach Wheels
(Slater's Catalogue Number 7124). Available From
Slater’s Plastikard, Old Road, Darley Dale, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 2ER, Telephone 01629 734053, Fax 01629 732235.

Approximate Cost of Completing The Model
Kit - £80 + Slater's Wheels - £12.50 = £92.50