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Coach Interior Kits

  Components are high resolution printed onto photo quality 220g card. Paint the coach interior first and then build the interior into the coach from the floor upwards. Cutting out and folding up individual seating units and compartment partitions and gluing into place with PVA glue.

  Quality card is an ideal material for etched coach interiors as it does not add greatly to the weight of the completed coach and its sound absorbing properties can prevent the tin box rattle that can be present when a coach is running with a plastic interior.

  With the full colour components the coach can be fully painted and glazed before the interior is fitted without the need to poke around inside with a paint brush afterwards.

  The kit pack contains a complete set of components for four different six wheel coaches, Brake Third, All Third, Composite and Full Brake. Because the interior is made up of individual seating units and compartment partitions. They are ideal to cut and shut to make up interiors for all sorts of four wheeled, six wheeled, and bogie coaches.

Kit Reference Code
6W - Interior
Kit Price £11.00
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- Additional Components Required to Complete -
PVA Glue (Evo-stick Resin W wood glue, etc) and some thicker quality card for thickening components (floor etc) where required (old shoe box).