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Six Wheeled Composite Coach
With Central Luggage Compartment

  PROTOTYPE. Most of the pre grouping railway companies built six wheeled coaches to similar designs. Many continued in service on branch lines until the 1950's and others were converted for engineers department use.

  This kit is based on a Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway prototype chosen because it is very similar in appearance to coaches owned by most of the pre grouping companies. Many Modellers will be happy to paint it in their chosen railways livery.

  The composite coach consists of two third class compartments and two first class compartments. One of these coaches would be ideal to included in a typical branch line train as its two first class compartments would provide more than adequate accommodation for the odd vicar or respectable lady that would want to travel first class.

  The central luggage compartment originally intended for the hat boxes and steamer trunks of the well to do first class passengers would prove very useful for stowing crates of chickens and other bulky purchases as villagers returned from the local towns market day.

  KIT. The main components are etched in brass, with cast whitemetal axleguards etc. A pre-rolled brass roof and etched door and grab handles are provided. As is straight brass wire and rod for handrails etc.

  A full colour printed interior kit is included to enable you to make up compartment partitions complete with pictures and mirrors and upholstered seats for your potential passengers.
Kit Reference Code
PMK - 16
Kit Price £77.00
Print Off Order Form pdf file
- Additional Components Required to Complete -
- Wheels -
1½ Packs (3 X axles) 3'7", Mansell Disc Coach Wheels
(Slater's Catalogue Number 7124). Available From
Slater’s Plastikard, Old Road, Darley Dale, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 2ER, Telephone 01629 734053, Fax 01629 732235.
(Wheels are only available in packs of two axles so you will have a
set of wheels for your next coach)

Approximate Cost of Completing The Model
Kit - £77.00 + 2packs Slater's Wheels - £21.00 = £98.00
- Download Composite Coach Instructions as PDF Print Off -
  Downloading the instruction booklet will allow you to evaluate the kit and its construction and help you to determine its suitability for yourself and your project.
Download Composite Coach Assembly Instruction Booklet